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Your own domain finally. Now what?

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

So they tell you and tell you that if you want a professional look for your business, if you want to add credibility to your brand name, then owning a domain, website and business email address is a definite must.

Being an aspiring newly appearing self-published author, I know it is critical to add professionalism and credibility to what I represent, if I want to stand out in that highly competitive writers' universe out there. If readers are going to love my stories, they'll have to know where to find them. And I'll have to make them believe they are worth their precious reading time.


SEO, digital marketing, social media management, ranking, stats and analytics; the list goes on and on. What on earth is the association of a writer with any of them? Hell, I was only points away from failing the economics related courses at school and university, and if I had any inclination to them, I would have become an economist not a writer. It's no doubt worth hiring an expert to do the job, if you can afford one... But who can?

Well, I can tell you I've never been much of a quitter and, if I set my mind on something, God forbid what stands in my way. Consequently, and despite the difficulties, I should have good reason to believe I will get my way around this maze. I am Greek after all! I have Ulysses's resourcefulness and Ariadne's mites in my ancestry!


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