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Founded in 2016, Review Tales informs, inspires, and provides knowledge of the craft of writing and supports indie authors by providing a platform to demonstrate their well-deserved work. The quarterly magazine is dedicated to readers, writers, self-publishers and includes literature discussions. It is an essential collection of author confessions, exclusive interviews, words of wisdom, book reviews, and literary works.

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Winter edition 2022

When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

Like most children, I enjoyed stories very much. I was always absorbed by a good story, and I would often act it out and create my own version of it. As a teenager, I started writing short stories, hiding them somewhere so that no one would find and read them. They were my secret treasure, a getaway only I had access to. But I didn't realize I wanted to be a writer until several decades later when a compelling need emerged: the need to communicate these stories to an audience.

How do you schedule your life when you're writing?

With a job and family, finding time for writing takes much coordination. I devote every hour of my free time to writing, and I often stay up late or wake up really early in the morning to catch up with it. I mostly write at the expense of my rest and sleep. People around me often complain when I'm in my writing phase because I become a hermit, but that's the way it has to be. Because writing is not just a hobby or even a passion for me; it defines who I am.


How did you get your book published?

My first two books in Greek were traditionally published, but, going for the international market with my debut English novel, self-publishing seemed inevitable. More and more authors now go for selfpublication, and many publications are of high professional standards. Yes, I believe self-publishing is no more as tainted as it used to be. And it gives the author much freedom of choice and the opportunity to personalize how the book is communicated. This brings authors and readers closer together, and it's wonderful. The process is overwhelming at times, but it is also very creative.


Is there anything you would like to confess about as an author?

This experience with a beta reader gave me the feeling that I must be doing something right! You see, I write with the basic outline always in mind, but many of the details in the plot really come instinctively, without much thought. Then this reader came up to me and said, "The way you had your protagonist lose her identity card as a means to say she was about to start discovering a new self, that was brilliant!" I said thank you, of course, but I was really dumbfounded and wondered, "Did I really do that?"

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