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She came to me like in a dream; it was many, many years ago. We were both so young, so inexperienced. Both of us had so much to learn. The first and foremost, that life is no fairytale. She took me by the hand and we set out for the adventure of our lives. And what an adventure it has been!

Somewhere along the way, the City of Light beamed into our hearts its magnificent radiance. Sometimes like twilight and sometimes like dawn, it shone and revealed new aspects of our story. Trip after trip, it was becoming more and more familiar, more and more like home. Winter Pale owes the character she grew to be to Paris, and, to be quite honest, so do I.

Paris in WWII, and almost three years of Occupation. In spite of Paris always being Paris, at the north-east end of the city, some are struggling merely for a piece of bread. The cemetery across the street from where Winter lives is full of such miserable misfits–dead and alive. Ghost figures, many of whom are victims of the previous March's bombing. They're hiding from their fate more than from anyone else. But you cannot hide from your fate. You have to look at it in the face and do what you can to change it. Winter will have to go through thick and thin to learn this, but that's how it is with every important lesson in life. 

And then, there's romance! Love will sometimes erupt like a volcano, its lava burning its way through your soul. And other times, passion will be quiet and soothing, like the waters of a calm mountain lake. It's hard to know which one you want, if you have to choose. Because love on its own is never enough; it comes with respect; and it comes with tolerance. Love can save you, and love can condemn you; love can illuminate you and it can scuttle your entire existence into the darkest depths of the abyss.

Take all that and put it in a set where the stakes are even higher, where circumstances oblige you to care about more than your own concerns. It's wartime in this context, but then again who can define what and when wartime is.


This is Winter Pale. A piece of Historical fiction with so much of contemporary life in it. A Historical novel filled with all the concerns people share across time. A Historical romance abundant in emotions rooted deeply into the human soul. The story of a woman who wants to live, who wants to love and be loved, when the world around her burns in the fire of war.

 If you enjoy a historically well-researched romance with a spice of a moral dilemma as a side dish, then join Winter Pale as she walks from darkness to light, from gloom to happiness. The final destination will be as worth as the journey itself. I promise!


Look it up at your local physical bookstore and all the major digital retailers in the category of WWII Historical Fiction / Historical Romance Books, Ebooks & Kindle.

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