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For 20-year-old Winter Pale, choices were never an option. Living in Paris, a British woman so far away from home, her only happiness is her childhood memories. When the city falls under Nazi occupation comes a time of struggle for survival; a time when love starts to bloom. 

Winter’s heart is torn between two men, a French Resistance fighter and an SS major, both of which are definitely books not to be judged by their covers. They are mortal enemies, and Winter knows that if she chooses one side over the next, the consequences may be dire.

As her expectations are subverted, Winter realizes that she has to choose more than the man; it is her own path in life that she must decide on. She has lived all her life in a vicious circle of fault and guilt. Now she must find the strength for the ultimate act of free will that will help her regain her self-esteem and confidence, knowing that a feat like this almost always comes at an extremely high cost.


A passionate historical romance full of suspense, guilty secrets and dilemmas, set against an electric WW2 Paris scene.

WINTER PALE book cover - A young woman in red looks at the Eiffel Tower in World War 2 Paris France

Welcome to my official historical fiction author's website!

This is the place to be if you want to know about my endeavours as a historical drama writer or if you are looking for my newly published World War 2 novel, Winter Pale, a historical romance aspiring to be one of the best WW2 Paris novels you have ever read. 

A place where little treats like short stories, screenplays, anthologies, photo- and scrap-books, unpublished scenes, and, of course, previews to my next works, will be cooking and offered to loyal fans of historical fiction and romance, and to dedicated readers of WW2 novels and stories. 

Stick around and find out!

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