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Picture of Winter Pale in pink background
Candle & guitar with notes in dark



Louis anchor

A sad Chopin waltz

You will dance with it to love, war & memory


He is a man you can easily fall in love with! But he has forever closed off his heart to romance! He finds solace only in music. Winter can't help but wonder why he's so eager to teach her to dance. But she recognises her good fortune. When she recounts

his story, she is overcome with emotion and longs for the kind of bond they once shared.

Inspired by the WW2 Paris Romance WINTER PALE, this Historical Fiction short story delves deeper into the personality of Louis, the pianist of 'The Golden Doe', a romantic, an idealist, and, above all, a sensitive soul . It will leave you feeling inspired and moved by its aesthetic allusions, music, dance, and abundance of emotion, while also leaving you with subtle concerns about important issues in human history and society that can be answered only by your individual perspective.

Ideal for fans of the ambiance and setting of The War in our Hearts, Promise at Dawn, and At Swim, Two Boys, it can be read on its own or as a companion to the historical romantic adventure of Winter Pale.

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Winter gathering anchor



A winter gathering

Sinful confessions and intimate revelations
of the Winter Pale world

Meet Erhard Blut, long before he transformed into a formidable Gestapo interrogator, and bear witness to Georgette's devastating journey from a loving sister to a traitor fueled by deep-rooted hatred. Uncover the profound love that forever imprinted Louis's heart and unlock the hidden secret harbored by Klaus Molnich. In a poignant and introspective letter, Oberstleutnant von H. bares his last thoughts to Winter, while Aunt Martha contemplates her longing for an eternal reunion with her beloved, Johann.


Amidst stories of triumphs and tragedies, unrequited love, and the visceral consequences of our choices, this collection of short stories about the lives of the minor characters in WINTER PALE will transport you to both the dizzying heights and the darkest abysses of the human soul.

Anchor Those Poems

Those poems of winter

Poetic inspirations of Winter Pale. An anthology.

Five poems from Father's scrapbook and three more from Fred's favourites make up this anthology of original and translated poetry that inspired WINTER PALE. A heartwarming and thought-provoking read for gurus and novices of the verse.

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Photobook anchor
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A Winter Pale
Photobook & Journal 2023

Your inspirational companion throughout the year, and a beautiful gift for your book-, art-, & travel- addict friends.

Twelve months, twelve plus images of Paris, accompanied by related excerpts from Marina Koulouri's Historical novel WINTER PALE, make up this romantic and inspiring journal for fans of reading who like their stories dwelling in them long after they have finished a book.

The images have undergone AI creative editing to resemble actual paintings, varying between different styles and artistic movements.

The journal comprises monthly calendars, week-by-week monthly to-do lists, each month's self-love reminder, and notes pages, as well as future log, and contacts pages.

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