Ever since I was little, people always thought of me as a strange child. I enjoyed playing on my own, pretending I was someone else, trying on new dresses, new faces, new characters. Through fairytales at first, books later, I could live hundreds of different lives. It gave me a sense of freedom. As a teenager, I realised I wanted to create my own stories. And so it began. A journey to the unknown. An exploration. A new advenure every time. And the happiest feeling in the world.

Writing by the Water


Official author's portfolio.


Short stories

A foreigner and a homeless man; a ticket clerk and a drug addict, a sad clown and his dog;  an immigrant interpreter; an old grandma; a government employee; a neighbourhood girl called Joy; a scavenger with his tricycle, and more...
Twelve short stories, twelve personal narratives about the human effort to find meaning and happiness.




France, early 1940s. In the shadow of the Nazi occupation, an romantic triangle defies the blunt truth of the war.

Winter Pale: a British girl in occupied Paris, so much cold in a name, so many painful memories; torn between two men with passion setting certainties and desires ablaze. 

René Martin: the French Resistance fighter, impassioned, fearless and reckless, the enigma of a man who chooses to live on the edge. 

Friedrich von Stielen: the conqueror with the human face, lingering between duty and the secret call of the heart. 

Three people in bondage to a forbidden story; there, in the City of Light, overstepping their bounds to find their own light in the darkness...

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Stage play

Five players confined in a room, five candidate victims in a game of antagonism, where the thirst for power and control brings out the most savage instincts. 

The play was staged at the Théâtre du Soleil in Plaka, Athens, by the Bewitched theatre group.

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Short fiction screenplay

Close your eyes and listen to Gustav Mahler's Die Zwei Blauen Augen (From Lieder Eines Fahrenden Gesellen). The sound of the train on the tracks murmouring underneath every piece of the action, speaking about the truths one is unable to accept. A young woman in complete desperation. Her mother is dead, her father has abandoned them long ago, living with his new family in another country, an entirely new life. Where does she belong? Has he got any room for her in his world? Does she really want to be part of it? Then comes he, the passenger in the opposite seat, making everything seem so unbearably simple... Will she ever arrive in Berlin? Does she even need to any more?

The script received the 2nd award in its category at London Greek Film Festival 2021.

Night Train


Short fiction screenplay

Corfu island, late 1950s. Maria, a ten-year-old girl, second child in a poor farmer family, envies her sister's shoes, brand new fancy shoes which she got as a wedding present from an aunt, the well-off immigrant relative from America. Barefoot and desperate for approval, Maria devises a plan to make her own shoes out of clay and wear them at her sister's wedding.

The screenplay was nominated for Best Short Script LGFF 2012.

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Short fiction screeplay

Confined to his hospital bed due to multiple injuries, a man finds comfort in his roommate's descriptions of the outside world. Rain drops like diamonds inside the nearby pine tree; the colours of the sunset; a procession, an altar boy, an old lady with her walking cane; so much life out there makes one's eyes weary... A surprise awaits the multi-trauma man at the end of the day. Giving him the will for living which overcomes all obstacles.

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WW2 Paris, 1943.

Winter Pale never knew much about choices. A victim of circumstance she always felt like a reed swayed by the wind. But now comes war and with it comes love. A French Resistance fighter and a German SS officer both claim her heart; two enemies with so much more than meets the eye. 

In the war that rages between them, Winter Pale will have to choose more than sides; she will have to decide on her own path in life. A decision that takes its toll on the lives of them all, because no choice can ever be without consequence.

A story about survival and self-awareness in the context of an explosive love triangle. 

Translating into another language actually means writing the story anew, with several alterations, additions and corrections completely unavoidable. The English version of published To Fos sto Skotadi (The Light in Darkness), seeking its own place in the world.

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Short story


1. a strong, uncontrollable emotion.

2. suffering and death (esp. of Jesus). 

Condemned to die by the hand of whom impassionedly loved her, Simone accounts for their forbidden relationship, shedding light into the darkerst corners of his character. 

A story within the story of Winter Pale. 

A story in its own right nevertheless.

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Novel / Feature screeplay

Red carnation flowers waving in the air for our welcome. For we were lost and we are found again; we had died and now we live...

July 1974. The last of the seven-year-long dictatorship exiles sail back to the port of Porto Rafti, on the east Attica coast. Petros longs for his return, same as each and every one of his co-travellers. But no one is waiting for him at the harbour. His wife, long thinking of him to be dead, now shares a life with his childhood best friend. When, at a rally in the centre of Athens, his friend finds out Petros is still alive, things inevitably get complicated.

An ongoing project upon which I am still experimenting.

And, yes, I am fascinated by triangles. In Geometry, as well as in life...


Novel & Short Story Writer

As a writer, I like to experiment with different types of creative writing. Depending on the inspiration and the trigger idea, a short story, novel, short or feature screenplay or even stage drama may be come to life. I even write lyrics at times, creativity can rarely be contained into one single form. My stories, even when not intended for the screen or stage, usually have a strong cinematic character, which is why I often call them movies on paper. It is overwhelming, the power of image, even if it is only the image of a simple word, phrase or sentence. After all, images, gestures and sounds were there long before spoken or written language was created. It is the way of our nature. Thoughts and feelings all create images and vise versa.

When I write, I may find inspiration in just about anything. A dream, a musical piece, a conversation, the news. Something I’ve read in a book, or seen in the movies or at the theatre. I like to watch a good novel adaptation for the cinema or TV, and I find it extremely educating to read the scripts of films or the texts of stage plays I’ve enjoyed. Again, it is all about the power of image and how it can be transformed into different shapes, colours and textures.

WW2 stories are one of my favourite topic to work on. Especially if they are located in my favourite place in the world: Paris. There is a WW2 novel and a WW2 short story in my portfolio so far, but I’m pretty sure I’m creatively not yet done with this so intense and fascinating era. Generally, I am keen on writing about how people struggle to survive, while discovering themselves in the context of significant historical events. History will often crush people, but it it will just as often give them the opportunity to put themselves to the test, offering them a chance to grow and become a better person than before or, at least, a changed person. I find this challenge a most intriguing subject to explore and write about.

But, in essence, what I am is a Storyteller, and stories can generate from anywhere, while taking all kinds of different forms. Either for print or ebook, movie and TV, or stage, when the idea of a new story sparks, it pretty much dictates me the course and form it wishes to take. Children of the Muse, stories are born with their own volition. And the best a writer can be is their faithful disciple.

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Franz Kafka

“A non-writing writer is a monster courting insanity”

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