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The 'Winter Pale' series

of riveting, immersive,  and  unconventional 1930s and WWII Historical fiction

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A new gripping WWII Romance Series

In the darkest of times, love transcends all barriers in 'Fluttering Wings', a series of heartwarming tales set against the backdrop of World War II, where passionate romances blossom amidst the chaos of conflict.



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To my official historical fiction author's website!

Stick around to find out about me as a historical fiction and romance writer and delve into the world of my Historical Fiction Company Gold Winner, Winter Pale, a World War 2 historical romance novel that aspires to be one of the best WW2 Paris novels you have ever read.
This website has lots of exciting surprises for loyal fans of historical fiction and romance, and to dedicated readers of WW2 novels and stories, so visit often. You'll get little treats like short stories, screenplays, anthologies, photo- and scrap-books, unpublished scenes, interviews, an interesting blogspot, and, of course, previews to my next works, which will be cooking and offered to you every so often.

Contact me with your questions and requests or simply to let me know how you liked my books.

I'm looking forward to connecting with you!


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